About R.C. Artworks 
This collection of my works contains my beliefs about the human spirit, its relationship to the body, and the body’s reliance upon the earth. In my work, I explore understandings of incomprehensible elements of our world and the opposites that define life. My works use the organic elements of nature to symbolize the connections between everything in our world in order to inspire peace for the earth's future.

I am fascinated by the bond between humans and their environment. I believe that our individuality is defined by the perception and understanding of our surroundings. Any changes to our world carries a great impact upon our thoughts and actions. Though we are influenced by our environment, humans create the greatest change to our world. As the dominant species on our earth, mankind is responsible for the preservation of our home and we must take action to find a balance between our needs and the available resources. 

My work is composed with the intent to inspire and challenge my viewers to reflect on their life and surroundings. I believe that mankind’s greatest struggles involve a choice between opposing forces; life and death, love and hate, courage and fear, day and night, action and stasis, growth and destruction, chaos and peace. I use traditional symbolism to convey timeless messages affiliated with culture and religion. These symbols explore diversity in pattern, color, and placement in order to represent changes in time, morals, or choices. The intent of my collection is to inspire my viewers to become involved with their society and take positive action towards the earth's future.

Each of these artworks hold pieces of me.
I have discovered many things in the process of creating my work and I hope from my art, you can discover the world through my eyes.

If you are interested in any of the pieces, original or print - please contact me.

None of these images or works are "copyrighted". I placed my logo/watermark to avoid theft. If you would like to share my images, please do! but please give credit to the artist or this page.

It's a tough world out there, I put a lot of love and time into each piece and ask you to respect the original pieces I created. Thank you!

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